Workers Compensation Process

All employees with any work related injury must complete the Employee Injury/Exposure Report Form within 24 hours of the incident and return it to Ashley Wills in Compensation & Benefits.

If your injury warrants medical treatment, you need to be treated (unless severe or after hours) at Munson Occupational Health & Medicine Clinic, 550 Munson Avenue. You can schedule an appointment with the clinic by calling 231.935.8590. When going to the clinic for the first time, you must bring the Authorization to Treat Form. Your treatment will be delayed otherwise.

Forward all medical documents to Compensation & Benefits as soon as you receive them.

If the injury meets specific requirements for treatment, you will receive a letter from Compensation & Benefits with a copy of your claim adjuster’s name and your claim number. Take this letter to any provider you see.

Please contact Ashley Wills at 231.933.1720 for more information.