Student Teachers

Student Teachers

Interested in a Student Teaching Placement at TCAPS?

Placement advisors and prospective students teachers should contact Erika Lahti, Director of Human Resources, at to begin the process of being placed in a TCAPS building for student teaching. Please do not reach directly out to building principals and/or teachers. 

Upon receiving a student teaching request, the District's process for placing student teachers is to reach out to our building principals to confirm if they have a teacher within their building interested in a student teaching placement (specific to content area). Once we have the list of available and interested teachers within the content area, then Human Resources follows up with the placement coordinator and/or prospective student teacher to schedule a best-fit (meet and greet) virtual interview with the student teacher, mentor teacher and building principal. Once the placement is confirmed, then Human Resources follows up with the student teacher and placement coordinator to coordinate onboarding of the student teacher. Note: Pre-student teachers and observation hours must also complete a similar process for placement. 

All student teachers are required to complete the FBI Fingerprint Background Check process, as well as complete the ESS Midwest (Willsub) application prior to starting their student teaching placement. Note: Pre-student teachers and college students observing lessons must complete TCAPS' Volunteer process found at prior to starting their placement. 

For questions, please contact Erika Lahti, Director of Human Resources, at