Capital Projects & Planning

TCAPS continues to invest in our students to provide high quality educational facilities, technology, and settings capable of supporting students’ learning needs for high school graduation and for their future success in a competitive global workplace.

Capital funds that come from TCAPS’ 3.1 local millage can only be used to upgrade and expand facilities and to purchase significant capital assets such as technology, buses, educational, and maintenance equipment. By law, funds generated by the local millage cannot be used to pay employee salaries or benefits or any other day-to-day operation. Furthermore bond funds supported by the community have allowed TCAPS to address needs that would otherwise have to be funded through operational budgets. This has helped preserve resources for student programs.

TCAPS closely manages and monitors its capital projects. In addition to our students and schools, the positive economic impact of these significant capital projects has benefited the community and our region’s local construction and trades industries as over 90% of the suppliers and subcontractors are local to Northwest Michigan.

PDF Document2018-2028 Capital Project Planning