TCAPS Board Vision & Strategic Plan

TCAPS Vision Poster - see below image for written text

TCAPS 360° Vision

Our Mission

  • We exist to educate. Education improves the quality of life for all.

Our Strategy

  • Build strong systems to drive improved life outcomes for all students.

Our Priorities

  • Install the MI Excel Blueprint for Strategic Reconfiguration as the framework to provide high quality teaching and learning.

Curriculum and Instruction

  • Deliver a rigorous and relevant education for each student, caring for both the students’ academic and non-academic needs.
  • Improve student achievement and ensure students are prepared for a successful and productive life.

Finance and Operations

  • Educational priorities and student need drive resource decisions
  • Operations are efficient and effective
  • TCAPS is fiscally responsible


  • Develop broad community connections, specifically with those who have no direct connection to our schools.
  • Reinforce TCAPS’ reputation as a quality school system and a great choice for families.

Key Focus Areas


Installation of the Blueprint

The Blueprint: Committed to the Success of EACH Student

Dramatic improvement in student, teacher and leader performance in a short amount of time. Grounded in a safe, orderly and respectful environment for students.

What Systemic Reconfiguration Looks Like

The Blueprint: Systemic reconfiguration



What Does the Blueprint Mean?

Dr. Grant Chandler Discusses The Blueprint & Its Purpose


Watch these shorter videos to learn more about the Blueprint:

Quick Overview of Being a Blueprint District

What the Blueprint Means for Teachers

The Blueprint: How We Get There


Podcasts About the Blueprint

Podcast DocumentTCAPS Loop Episode 63: The Blueprint

Listen to an inspiring Blueprint overview that was shared via TCAPS Loop, a weekly podcast hosted by Larry Burden and Danelle Brostrom. Podcast DocumentEpisode 63 features Dr. Grant Chandler, Blueprint Author/Project Director at MI Excel who does an excellent job of explaining what the Blueprint is, how it is different from all the “shiny balls” that come and go in education, and why it is so important.


TCAPS Capital Plan

Three Year Timeline

TCAPS Capital Plan - 3 Year Timeline

Additional capital project and planning information

TCAPS Capital Plan

Projects & Three Year Timeline

Years noted below are anticipated start times for each project. Completion times will vary.

Montessori Reconstruction

  • Schematic Design (2019)
  • Design Development (2019)
  • Construction Documents (2019)
  • Bid (2020)
  • Construction (2020-2021)
  • Commission (2020-2021)
  • Occupy (2021)

Safety & Security

  • Main Office Upgrades
    • West Middle School (2019)
    • Willow Hill Elementary School (2019)
    • Silver Lake Elementary School (2019)
    • Courtade Elementary School (2019)
    • Westwoods Elementary School (2020)
    • Blair Elementary School (2020)
    • Traverse Heights Elementary School (2020)
    • TC High School (2020)
  • Exterior Building & Site Upgrades
    • Traffic Upgrades & Vehicle Entry - Silver Lake (2019)
    • New Roofs - Courtade & West Middle (2019)
    • 4 Classrooms - Cherry Knoll (2020)
    • Central High School Athletic Fields (2020)
      • Upgrades to U.S. Coast Guard Complex
      • Softball
      • Soccer
      • Baseball


  • Long Lake Classrooms (2019)
  • Willow Hill Boiler (2019)
  • Willow Hill Phase I Interior Upgrades (2019)
  • West Senior High Library (2019)
  • West Senior High Lighting Upgrades (2019)
  • Thirlby Field (2020)
  • Willow Hill Phase II Interior Upgrades (2020)
  • TC High School Gym Floor (2020)
  • West Middle School Locker Room (2020)
  • West Middle School Old Main Office (2020)


  • Network Infrastructure (2019)
  • EMS Digital Clocks (2019)
  • Central High School Digital Clocks (2020)
  • West Senior High School Digital Clocks (2020)

Secondary Furniture

  • Delivery of New/Removal of Old (2019)

Updated 1-28-19

Additional capital project and planning information