TCAPS Board Vision

TCAPS Mission Goals Poster

Our Mission

We exist to educate. Education improves the quality of life for all.

Our Goals


  • TCAPS delivers a rigorous and relevant education for every student with a strong foundation and cutting edge opportunities.
  • All students graduate and are prepared for a successful and productive life.
  • Improved performance for all students.

Finance & Operations

  • Educational priorities drive resource decisions.
  • Operations are efficient and effective.
  • TCAPS is fiscally responsible.


  • Develop broad community connections, specifically with those who have no direct connection to our schools.
  • Reinforce and strengthen TCAPS' reputation as a quality school system and a great choice for families.

Our Strategic Plan

The Blueprint: Committed to the Success of EACH Student

Dramatic improvement in student, teacher and leader performance in a short amount of time. Grounded in a safe, orderly and respectful environment for students.

The Blueprint: Systemic reconfiguration