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Welcome to TCAPS!

With support from a dedicated team of educators and staff,  TCAPS students are challenged to use their imaginations, engage their critical thinking skills, and feel inspired to develop effective habits for lifelong learning. 

We invite you to be fully involved in the educational journey of your student and our schools—as a volunteer, mentor, and community supporter. TCAPS' Board of Education, administration, and staff are grateful to serve our community’s youth and for the caring circles of families and friends who partner with us to create a brighter future for all children.

2024 - 2025 K-12 Enrollment Forms

Enrollment is now completed entirely online for Preschool, Kindergarten, and Junior Kindergarten - Follow the steps below

The following forms need to be completed online (or using the PDF forms for grades 1-12) prior to your K-12 child attending his/her first day of school with TCAPS:

  • PDF DocumentStudent Registration Form (follow steps for online registration below) or 
  • PDF DocumentStudent Transfer Form (if transferring your student from one TCAPS school to another)
  • Attachments:
    • Immunization Record Learn more
    • Certified Birth Certificate or other birth documentation if accompanied by a birth affidavit (A birth affidavit form can be obtained from any school office)
    • Proof of Residency in the TCAPS district

Additional Forms

The following forms may be needed in order to attend a TCAPS school:

Where to Send Completed Registration Forms

Enrollment forms are now completed entirely online for preschool, Junior Kindergarten, and Kindergarten. Enrollment for all other grade levels may be completed in paper form using the PDF files above. Paper forms can be delivered to the school's front office. Follow the steps below to begin:

Registration for Current TCAPS Students:

If your student is already enrolled in a TCAPS Preschool or Junior Kindergarten program, simply follow the steps below to register online: 

  • Parents of current TCAPS students registering for Kindergarten can log directly into the PowerSchool Parent Portal and use their child's current access ID information to complete the Kindergarten registration forms, which will be available February 15, 2024 at 10:00 a.m.

  • This tool may be useful to help you navigate through the parent portal if needed.

If you have never logged in to the PowerSchool Parent Portal or you do not remember your login information, please contact your building’s administrative assistant for assistance.

Registration for New TCAPS Students:

If you are new to TCAPS and wish to register your student(s) for Kindergarten or Junior Kindergarten please follow the steps below to begin the registration process:  

1.) Account Creation Request Form
Select a link* below to complete the account creation request form. You will receive an email confirmation after submitting the form.

*Please note: All Junior Kindergarten / Kindergarten families must register with their home school prior to being considered for school of choice unless enrolling at TCAPS Montessori. 

If needed, please reference our district boundary map to determine your home school. Please note that preschool placements do not guarantee Kindergarten placement for the same school in future years.  

New Student Account Creation Links:

2.) PowerSchool Parent Portal Account Creation

Once the account creation request is submitted, you will receive a second email with instructions about setting up your PowerSchool Parent Portal account.

3.) Register Online
Once you have set up your Parent Portal, you will be able to complete the online registration forms beginning February 15 at 10:00 a.m. 
This tool may be useful to help you navigate through the parent portal if needed.

Along with your online registration forms, parents will also need to upload the following documents to the Parent Portal within 10 days of completing the Kindergarten Registration Form: student birth certificate, up-to-date immunization records, and proof of residency.

Prospective Families- Learn More

Enrollment Timeline:

Learn More About TCAPS Schools

Parents and students interested in learning more about any of our schools are welcome to schedule a tour. To schedule a tour, please contact the school office directly. Additional information for prospective families can be found under the For Parents tab. Visit the TCAPS Curriculum page for grade-level specific content.

Learn More About TCAPS Programs

Follow the links below to learn more about our early childhood and elementary programs:

See additional TCAPS programs

Traditional Kindergarten

Traditional kindergarten is offered at all TCAPS elementary schools. Students attend a full day, Monday through Friday. School times vary based on location.  Learn more.

Attend a Kindergarten information session to learn more! 

Junior Kindergarten

Sometimes, students may benefit academically or socially from the gift of a year of extra time prior to entering our traditional kindergarten program. This program is the first year of a two-year kindergarten experience. Learn more.

  • Interest Survey: For more information regarding the Junior Kindergarten program and/or registration assistance, please contact Kyra Brazell

Kindergarten Starting Age

Must be 5 by September 1

To enroll in kindergarten, a child must be five years old on or before September 1 of the enrollment year.  However, according to Michigan law,* if a child residing in a district is not five years of age on or before September 1, but will turn five years of age not later than December 1 of the enrollment year, the parent or legal guardian may choose to enroll their child in kindergarten.

When in receipt of a waiver request, districts can make recommendations to the child’s parent or legal guardian, as to the child’s readiness for school, and whether or not the child should be enrolled early. Regardless of a district’s recommendation, the parent or legal guardian retains the sole discretion to enroll their child. Questions regarding enrollment should be directed to Erika Swartz at or 231.933.1722

TCAPS Kindergarten Guide

Want to learn more about a TCAPS school?

Parents and students interested in learning more about any of our schools are welcome to schedule a tour. To schedule a tour, please contact the school office directly.

Elementary School Enrollment

Please contact the school building where you are seeking enrollment for information or to schedule a visit. 

Middle School Enrollment

High School Enrollment

Enrollment Questions

For additional K-12 enrollment questions, please contact Erika Swartz at 231.933.1722 or