School Safety Drills

All Michigan public schools are required to conduct safety drills throughout the school year to ensure students and staff are well-prepared in the event of an emergency. Per Michigan Public Act 12 of 2014, schools must conduct the following safety drills annually:

  • 5 fire safety drills per school year, with three occurring by December 1.
  • 2 tornado safety drills per school year, with at least one taking place in March.
  • 3 lockdown drills, with one drill conducted during a lunch-recess period,  or at another time when a significant number of the students are gathered but not in the classroom. At least one drill must take place by December 1 and at least one drill must be held after January 1.

School Safety Drills Conducted

To view safety drills conducted at TCAPS schools during the school year, click on the link below. The types of drills and dates conducted are available for the entire district as a whole or by individual school. To view a specific school, click on the school name at the top of the document.

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