Extended Day Child Care Program

TCAPS extended day child care programs are licensed by the State of Michigan. Extended day programs are available at TCAPS elementary schools (pending enrollment) for students preschool-age through grade 5, with select schools offering extended hours for preschool-age students. The programs offer the opportunity for personal attention from an experienced staff and enrichment activities that develop social skills, teamwork and interpersonal relationships.

Daily activities include: group games and sports, arts and crafts, individual projects, social time, homework and study time, outside activities, and gym and library time when available.

2019-2020 Registration Information

Over the past several months, TCAPS has conducted a thorough review of its tuition-based child care programs to seek out opportunities to improve services for both staff and families while ensuring that our programs remain in compliance with state licensing regulations at all times.

Although we still will not be able to accommodate drop-in requests or guarantee that we can meet 100% of each individual family’s needs at all times, we are very hopeful that the adjustments made to the program for the 2019-2020 school year will provide increased scheduling flexibility and more efficient/accurate billing.

Here’s what you need to know about extended day services for next year:

Expanded Schedule Flexibility

  • Families are no longer required to maintain one set schedule for the full school year.
  • Schedules will be requested/set in four-week increments (each day or week can be different).
  • Once a month, there will be a three-day change request period where families who need to make adjustments can request a schedule change to the following period’s schedule. A Change Request Period calendar will be provided to all families to ensure everyone is fully informed as to when changes can be requested.
  • To ensure licensing compliance, the following will be considered when determining whether a schedule change request can be accommodated: staff-to-student ratios, physical space limitations, and whether additional staff can be added on needed days/mornings/afternoon.

Improved Billing Cycle

  • Billing will now be assessed on Fridays based on the current week schedule. Snow days will automatically be removed from your weekly bill, eliminating the need for snow day credit.
  • The program is staffed based on the scheduled number of children expected to attend each day. Families will be charged for the weekly schedule they signed up for whether their child is able to attend all scheduled days or not.

Registration Timeline/Process

  • Online registration will open mid-July once the 2019-2020 student database has been activated. Specific registration information will be shared with families prior to registration opening.
  • To utilize extended day care services for the first week of school (Sept. 3-6), students must be registered with all forms completed no later than August 12th. This deadline is necessary to ensure appropriate staffing.
  • Pending approval/placement, students registered after August 12th, may begin attending extended day the week of September 9th.
  • Families registered on or before August 12th will be notified the week of August 19th of their placement status.
  • Placement priority will be based on students’ maximization of services and is not on a first come, first serve basis.
  • There will be a $30 registration fee per student registered prior to the August 12th registration deadline. A $40 registration fee will be assessed for students registering between August 12th and September 3rd. Service for students registering during this late registration period, may begin on September 9th, pending approval/placement.
  • Registration fees will be assessed on August 20th. Instructions on how to pay fees online will be emailed to families the week of August 20th. 

More information regarding registration and how to make change requests will be posted on this webpage and emailed to families in July prior to the opening of the registration period.

Program Locations



Program Hours

Before school hours begin at 7:00 a.m. and continue until the start of the school day. The after school hours begin when the school day ends and continues until 6:00 p.m. each day. The program starts with the first scheduled day of school and ends with the last scheduled day of school.

Child care is not available on weekdays where a half-day of school is scheduled. 

Program Fees

Program Fees by Location

  • 2019-2020 program fees  to be posted very soon.

Online Registration & E-Funds Information

The online extended day registration process is completed through the External LinkPowerSchool (Parent) Public Portal. Before starting the registration process, you will need to have your child's unique PIN number which can be obtained from your child's school office. 

PowerSchool Public Portal Information

E-Funds Information

For additional registration information, contact Kelly Gignilliat at 231.933.1759.