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Providing healthy snacks for your child to eat during the school day is important to meet their high-energy needs for growth and development as well as their success in school. Hungry children have a harder time learning and concentrating. Studies have shown that well-fed children have higher test scores than those who are poorly nourished and miss meals.

Most children need to eat every 3-4 hours to maintain normal blood glucose levels (which fuels the brain and body) and to feel physically comfortable between meals. Healthy snacks help hold a child’s hunger at bay and are meant to serve as a supplement to meals, not as a meal in themselves. Snacks that are lower in added fats, sugars and sodium are ideal and recommended for the majority of the time. 

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External LinkAlliance for a Healthier Generation - This fun, multimedia site is designed to teach kids about health and nutrition. The Healthy Schools Program is being launched by the American Heart Association and the William J. Clinton Foundation, with funding from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and in collaboration with members of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. This is a network of organizations and individuals concerned with childhood obesity and physical inactivity among America’s youth.

External LinkCulinary Schools - Find links and information about a culinary career.

External LinkI Spy Healthy Fun -  Play exciting fun-filled games while learning about nutrition.  Race against the clock in I SPY Bingo or solve the I SPY puzzler.

External LinkKidnetic  - is a healthy eating and active living website designed for kids, aged 9–12, and their families. It is a resource for kids and their families to inspire them to move toward healthier lifestyles. It is is also a resource for health professionals and educators to use when working with patients and students.

External LinkNutrition Explorations - Nutrition Explorations offers a fun and easy way to teach and learn nutrition. Activities, recipes, and lesson plans for teachers and parents.

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External LinkThe Recipe for a Healthy Child - Learning to eat healthy and nutritious foods from an early age is essential for a healthy body throughout life. Kids should learn about nutrition as soon as possible and in a positive, reinforcing environment. It’s not enough for parents to tell their kids not to eat candy and junk food, they themselves need to avoid eating junk food and need to make healthy food accessible to their children. Learning what foods are beneficial to the body and learning to enjoy those foods means children will be less likely to be overweight or obese as they get older. The Internet can be an excellent tool to use to teach kids about nutrition, as it provides interactive games and lessons.

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