Toddler Montessori Program

2024-2025 Toddler Program Registration

Online Registration Opens February 6, 2024

Families interested in enrolling in the 2024-2025 Toddler Montessori program will register online and should follow the online instructions found on the preschool webpage

About the Program

TCAPS’ Toddler Montessori program is for children, age 18 – 36 months, and is available at TCAPS Montessori. The Montessori methods of education are used with the goal of helping children to develop character, skills, and education. Activities in the toddler program are designed to nurture and empower each individual child. The program promotes development of social skills, emotional growth, and physical coordination as well as cognitive preparation. The holistic curriculum allows the child to experience the joy of learning from a very young age.

TCAPS offers a safe and nurturing environment in an inviting school setting with trained Montessori staff focused on meeting the individual needs of each learner. Children in the program are exposed to age appropriate, stimulating, and meaningful activities.

Toddler Drop Off and Pick Up Times

  • Morning Drop Off 7:55 AM
  • Afternoon Drop Off 12:00 PM
  • Afternoon Pick Up 3:00 PM

For more information, please call the school office at 231.933.6420.