TCAPS Board of Education

About the Board of Education

The TCAPS Board of Education is made up of seven members elected to four-year terms. The Board of Education meets twice per month and holds quarterly retreats. School board members also serve on Board of Education committees, attend local and regional meetings and host community dialogues.

Board Resolution for Equitable Funding of Michigan Public Schools

On May 13, 2019, the TCAPS Board of Education signed a resolution in support of equitable funding of Michigan public schools.  View the Board resolution here.

2020 Board Members


M. Sue Kelly, President
PO Box 847 / 49685
Term Expires: 12/2022

Jane E. Klegman, Trustee
528 Timber Crest Drive/ 49686
Term Expires: 12/2020

Jeffrey A. Leonhardt, Vice President
1118 Pine Needle Lane/ 49686
Term Expires: 12/2020

Benjamin L. McGuire, Trustee
1852 Carlisle Road / 49696
Term Expires: 12/2020

Matt R. Anderson, Treasurer
9501 Rolling Ridge Dr. / 49686
Term Expires: 12/2022

Erica L. Moon Mohr, Trustee
574 Old Incochee Farm Trail / 49684
Term Expires: 12/2022

Pamela G. Forton, Secretary
335 W. Twelfth Street / 49684
Term Expires: 12/2022


PDF DocumentBoard Members & Committees List 

PDF DocumentBoard Standards of Practice Agreement
PDF DocumentBoard Standards of Practice Agreement (ADA compliant)



2020 Board Committees & Members


  • Agenda Review Committee
    Members: President, Vice President, 1 rotating board member and Superintendent
  • Communications Committee
    Members:  J. Klegman (Chair), M. Anderson, E. Moon Mohr, (Alternate: J. Leonhardt)
  • Curriculum Committee
    Members:  P. Forton (Chair), B. McGuire, E. Moon Mohr, (Alternate: J. Klegman)
  • Finance/Operations Committee
    Members:  M. Anderson (Chair), P. Forton, J. Leonhardt, (Alternate: S. Kelly)
  • HR/Policy Committee
    Members:  J. Leonhardt (Chair), J. Klegman, B. McGuire, (Alternate: S. Kelly)
  • TC – TCAPS Collective Resource Committee
    Members: TBD
  • Round Table
    Member: Rotating Board Member
  • Reinstatement Committee
    Members: S. Kelly, P. Forton (Alternate: J. Leonhardt)
  • Nutrition and Wellness Committee
    Member: J. Klegman
  • District Network
    Members: S. Kelly (Alternate: J. Leonhardt)
  • PDF DocumentBoard of Education Members & Committees


Board & Committee Meeting Schedules

Board & Committee Agendas, Minutes, Documents

Click on the links below to view agendas and minutes from the following board committees:

For More Information

Board agendas and minutes will be posted on the TCAPS website for the most recent 12 month period. For agendas or minutes dated beyond 12 months or for more information or questions, please contact Recording Secretary to the Board Stacey Hozak at 231.933.1725 or

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Board Policies & Guidelines

Public Hearing Notices

Social Host Responsibility Month

April is Social Host Responsibility Month

At its March 9, 2020, Board of Education meeting, board members signed a proclamation stating April 2020 is Social Host Responsibility Month and calls upon all parents, citizens, homeowners and property owners to host gatherings responsibly and to take measures to eliminate access to alcohol to persons under the age of 21. PDF DocumentRead the full proclamation.

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