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Student Work Permits

Following is the school district’s process for student work permits:

  1. Student obtains a copy of the appropriate blank work permit form from his/her employer or by using the appropriate link below (based on student age).

External LinkLink to Work Permit for students ages 16 or 17 

External LinkLink to Work Permit for students under 16 years of age

  1. Student completes Section 1.
  2. Student takes the form to his/her Employer.
  3. Employer completes Section 2.
  4. Student goes to his/her school or the administration office with completed form and school ID or state ID card/driver’s license.
  5. School or administration office reviews the work permit, confirms information with the student's PowerSchool record and ID that is presented, and completes Section 3 of the work permit. School makes a copy of the work permit for the student's file.
  6. Student takes his/her completed work permit to his/her employer.  

If you have questions about this process or need further assistance, please speak with your school’s main office or call TCAPS' Human Resources office at 231.933.1710.

Titan Academic Boosters exists to create scholarships for WSH graduates who are continuing their education.  For more information on where and how to donate, please click here

Thank you for helping us help students & GO WEST

Teacher, counselors and principals will continue to monitor and communicate with students that are not passing their classes. Parents should also be aware that for students not achieving at appropriate levels, the services listed below continue to be available to your student:

Academic Assistance Services

  • Academic Assistance - LMC, Daily, 8am -3pm
  • Testing Center -LMC, Daily, 7:30 am -3pm
  • Homework Hub - Monday-Thursday from 3:10-4:10 in the LMC
  • Writing Center - A110, Daily, 11:25 am -12:57 pm
  • Math Lab - C201, Daily, 11:25 am- 12:57 pm
  • Indigenous Education - B-114
  • Google DocTutor List - A list of tutors is compiled for you as a courtesy service of TCAPS. Certified teachers included on this list have indicated an interest in tutoring and have been reviewed by the TCAPS human resources staff. We recommend that you interview tutors to determine if they fit your needs and to make individual arrangements directly with the tutor. 

Additional Counseling / Student Services

  • For additional assistance, please visit the school counseling office or call 231.933.7700.
  • After viewing your student's grades and speaking with your student on their work in any particular class, please know you can always contact your student’s instructor through email or phone.  Visit the Our Staff webpage for staff contact information. 

Current TC West Senior High School Students & Graduates from the Class of 2000 - Present

Current seniors and graduates from the Classes 2000 - present will request a secure transcript through Parchment and have them sent directly to the college of your choice or, you may stop in the counseling office to request a transcript.  External LinkRequest a transcript from Parchment          

TC West Graduates from the Class of 1998 & 1999

Traverse City West's Transcript Information Line is 231.933.7703. Whether you are a business requesting verification or an individual needing a copy of your records, we will do our best to facilitate your request. For a transcript or verification requests, please:

  • Complete a Google DocTranscript Records Request Form located in the main office or counseling office at West Senior High School (5376 North Long Lake Rd). 
  • Request your transcript or verification by mail. If you are requesting records by mail, please be sure to include the following:
    • Google DocTranscript Records Request Form
    • Full legal name of the student
    • Full name used when in attendance at West Senior High School
    • Date of birth
    • The year graduated or last in attendance
    • Print the address where your transcripts should be mailed
    • Phone number where you can be reached
    • Please date and sign your request and include the appropriate fee. If this is for verification by a business, we will need the signature of the person whose records you are inquiring about.
    • Mail to: Traverse City West Senior High School, Attn: Student Records, 5376 N. Long Lake Rd., Traverse City MI 49685
  • There is a $3.00 fee per transcript for graduates from the years 2000 to our most recent graduates. The fee is $4.00 before the year 2000. A request for a faxed transcript is $5.00. Please be advised that most educational institutions will not accept a faxed transcript as an official copy. At the present time we do not accept credit cards.
  • If you are requesting a duplicate diploma, the cost is $30 and the wait is approximately 6 weeks. The wait on a transcript or verification is approximately 1 week.
  • All checks should be made out to TCAPS. 

If you have questions or a request that has not been addressed, please call our administrative assistant at 231.933.7703 or our registrar at 231.933.7702.

Student Assistance

For student assistance information, please contact our school counselors listed at the bottom of this webpage.

TCAPS Student Support Network (SSN)

The Student Support Network (SSN) is a program administered by Traverse City Area Public Schools that provides free supportive, education-related services to students, ages 3-20, who lack fixed, regular and adequate housing. SSN ensures the educational rights of families and youth as required by the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act. Visit the External LinkTCAPS SSN website for more information about the program and its services. 

For more information about SSN at Central High School, please contact 

External LinkInformation about TCAPS' Social Work Services

The following link contains information for those who will be Freshman in the 2024-25 School Year  Incoming Freshman

Class Rank

A student’s cumulative grade point average is used to determine the student’s rank in class. The grade point average is computed by dividing the total accumulated honor points by the number of credits attempted. Only courses graded on the A - F scale are used in this computation. Class rank is no longer used; however, a percentile standing is determined. 

Course Scheduling

The courses in this catalog will be scheduled only if registration figures indicate a sufficient enrollment demand for the course. Student selections made at registration are final. Before planning the high school program, students are to review graduation requirements with their parents. During the second semester of each school year, students meet with their counselors to discuss and finalize their course selections for the following year. At this time, counselors urge students to examine their total high school program, taking into consideration their personalities, interests, abilities, and post-secondary education and career plans. Students take copies of their course selections to their parents for approval and signature. It is the student’s responsibility to return the parent-approved course selection sheet to the counselor. 

Proficiency Test

The Michigan High School Proficiency Tests (HSPT) in Mathematics, Science, Reading, and Writing have been developed by the Michigan Department of Education to measure what all students should know and be able to do in each of the subject areas by the end of the tenth grade. Each test is based upon the Model Core Curriculum approved by the State Board of Education in 1991. The tests have been designed to emphasize real world applications and problem solving. By Michigan law, every student has the opportunity to earn a state endorsement in the separate areas of Mathematics, Science, and Communication Arts. Endorsements are granted based on criteria established by the Michigan Department of Education. 

Schedule Change Request and Withdrawal

Every effort is made to determine the most appropriate courses for students commensurate with their needs, interests, and capabilities. Class and teacher assignments are arranged to accommodate courses selected by students. Therefore, any request for a schedule change will be considered only for the most compelling of reasons. Such reasons are: (1) your schedule does not include the courses and alternate courses previously approved by parents and counselor. (2) Your schedule does not include a requirement for graduation, which must be made this year. If your schedule contains such an error or omission, see your counselor before regular classes begin in the fall. During the year, withdrawal from courses and schedule changes are quite rare, but may be justifiable under certain circumstances. The following guidelines apply: Any decisions regarding withdrawals from scheduled courses should involve the student, his or her parents, and his or her counselor and schedule changes cannot occur after the end of the second week of the semester.
The intent of this policy is to arrive at decisions in the best interest of the student based upon the involvement of both the student and parents, and the judgment of the professional staff. The policy also seeks to prevent students from sampling subjects without providing sufficient effort required for successful achievement. 

Preparing for the Future

The high school curriculum focuses on preparing students for the adult roles of:

  • Citizen
  • Lifelong Learner
  • Consumer
  • Family Member
  • Worker

A high school diploma alone is no longer a ticket to a good job. It is expected, in the year 2000, 65% of the jobs in America will require two years of education beyond high school. Whether a two-year technical program, or a traditional four-year college degree is chosen, a strong academic plan incorporating theory and application of learning is important. The President’s Council of Four Year State Universities in Michigan recommends for admission: Four years of english, Three years of math, Two years of science, Three years of social studies, Three years of a foreign language, Two years of a performing or fine arts. The high schools offer a variety of services and programs to help students prepare for the future:

  • A counseling staff and programs that will assist in making decisions about the future.
  • A Career Information Center
  • An employability skills program
  • Portfolios, which are a collection of your best efforts
  • Classes at the Career Tech Center
  • Dual Enrollment at Northwestern Michigan College

Post-Secondary Focus Areas

Students entering Traverse City high schools will not only experience new buildings, but also a new curriculum framework designed to bring more rigor and relevance for all students. These changes are part of a five-year site-based school improvement project, which began in 1994 through school improvement, and has pulled together students, parents, educators, and business people to reorganize our curriculum. Traverse City Area Public Schools secondary students are encouraged to select one of these six preferences for their post-secondary work:

  • Manufacturing, Engineering & Technologies
  • Health
  • Trade and Business
  • Arts and Communications
  • Professional and Public Services
  • Natural Sciences and Resources

Our staff and community have identified skills and knowledge needed to be successful in each of these focus areas. Counselors now can share the recommendations of this group with our students and their families. The students will also use this information to:

  • Assist with course selection at the high schools
  • NMC and the Career-Tech Center
  • Explore post-secondary education opportunities
  • Keep abreast of scholarship opportunities
  • Arrange job shadow opportunities
  • Apply for internships
  • Participate in special programming during the school year
  • Be informed about apprenticeship opportunities
  • Attend specific community event
  • Network with other students who have similar interests.

Counseling & Student Services Staff

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