Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

Our school community thrives when we work as a team! The Eastern Elementary School PTO invites all parents and family members to get involved in school activities and events. The PTO works throughout the year to bring quality enrichment activities to our students as well as raise funds for student programming.  PTO meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm. Please join us or reach out to to learn more!

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Hello all! Please see below for current and past agendas, meeting minutes, treasurer reports and budgets. Starting in April 2020, all meetings will be available on Facebook through our PTO Facebook Page

2023-2024 Proposed Budget

Monthly Meeting Links

May 2024 Treasurers Report

May 2024 Meeting Agenda

May 2024 Meeting Minutes

April 2024 Treasurers Report

April 2024 Meeting Agenda

April 2024 Meeting Minutes

March 2024 Treasurers Report

March 2024 Meeting Agenda

March 2024 Meeting Minutes

February 2024 Treasures Report

February 2024Meeting Agenda

February 2024 Meeting Minutes - No January Meeting

January 2024 Treasurers Report

January 2024 Meeting Agenda - No Meeting

January 2024 Meeting Minutes

December 2023 Treasurers Report

December 2023 Meeting Agenda

December 2023 Meeting Minutes

November 2023 Treasurers Report

November 2023 Meeting Agenda

November Meeting Minutes

October 2023 Treasurers Report

October 2023 Meeting Agenda

September 2023 Meeting Minutes

September 2023 Treasurers Report

September 2023 Meeting Agenda

August 2023 Meeting Minutes

August 2023 Meeting Agenda


2022-2023 BUDGET (approved via vote 9/13/22)

Monthly Meeting Links

September 2023 Treasurers Report

September 2023 Meeting Agenda

August 2023 Meeting Minutes

August 2023 Meeting Agenda

May 2023 Treasurers Report

May 2023 Meeting Agenda

April 2023 Meeting Minutes

April 2023 Treasurers Report

April 2023 Meeting Agenda

March 2023 Meeting Minutes

March 2023 Treasurers Report

March 2023 Meeting Agenda

January 2023 Special Meeting (Board Only)

January 2023 Meeting Minutes

January 2023 Treasurers Report

January 2023 Meeting Agenda

December 2022 Meeting Minutes

December 2022 Treasurers Report

December 2022 Meeting Agenda

November 2022 Meeting Minutes

November 2022 Treasurers Report

November 2022 Meeting Agenda

October 2022 Meeting Minutes

October 2022 Treasurers Report

October 2022 Meeting Agenda : Cormier 3D Printer Proposal, Deering Jersey Proposal, Eichberger Garden Proposal, Layne Storyworks Magazine Proposal, Cooper 3D Printer Proposal

September 2022 Meeting Minutes

September 2022 Treasurers Report

September 2022 Meeting Agenda

August 2022 Meeting Minutes (board only)



Monthly Meeting Links

May 2022 Treasurers Report

May 2022 Meeting Minutes

April 2022 Meeting Minutes

April 2022 Treasurers Report

April 2022 Meeting Agenda

March 2022 Meeting Minutes

March 2022 Treasurers Report

March 2022 Meeting Agenda

February 2022 Meeting Minutes

February 2022 Treasurers Report

February 2022 Meeting Agenda

Budget Surplus Proposals

Eichberger: School Garden

McNulty: Playground Upgrades

Owen: Wagons for Staff

Potthoff: REVISED Outdoor Learning Space

Schulert: Classroom Air Purifiers

January 2022 Meeting Minutes

January 2022 Treasurers Report

January 2022 Meeting Agenda

December 2021 Meeting Minutes

December 2021 Treasurers Report

December 2021 Meeting Agenda

November 2021 Meeting Minutes

November 2021 Treasurers Report

November 2021 Meeting Agenda

October 2021 Meeting Minutes

October 2021 Treasurers Report

October 2021 Meeting Agenda

September 2021 Meeting Minutes

September 2021 Treasurers Report

September 2021 Meeting Agenda

August 2021 Meeting Minutes (BOARD ONLY)

2020-2021 School Year

May 2021 Meeting Minutes

May 2021 Meeting Agenda

April 2021 Meeting Minutes

April 2021 Treasurers Report

April 2021 Meeting Agenda

March 2021 Meeting Minutes

March 2021 Treasurers Report

March 2021 Meeting Agenda

February 2021 Meeting Minutes

February 2021 Treasurers Report

February 2021 Meeting Agenda

January 2021 Meeting Minutes

January 2021 Treasurers Report

January 2021 Meeting Agenda

December 2020 Meeting Minutes

December 2020 Treasurers Report

December 2020 Meeting Agenda

November 2020 Meeting Minutes

November 2020 Treasurers Report

November 2020 Meeting Agenda

October 2020 Meeting Minutes

October 2020 Treasurers Report

October 2020 Meeting Agenda

September 2020 Meeting Minutes

September 2020 Meeting Agenda

2020-2021 PROPOSED budget

2019-2020 School Year

May 2020 Meeting Minutes

 May 2020 Treasurers Report

May 2020 Meeting Agenda

April 2020 Meeting Minutes

April 2020 Treasurers Report

April 2020 Virtual Meeting Agenda

March 2020 Meeting Agenda (Cancelled, Snow Day)

February 2020 Meeting Minutes

February 2020 Treasurers Report

February 2020 Meeting Agenda

January 2020 Meeting Minutes

January 2020 Treasurers Report

January 2020 Meeting Agenda

December 2019 Meeting Minutes

December 2019 Treasurers Report

December 2019 Meeting Agenda

November 2019 Treasurers Report

November 2019 Meeting Agenda (Cancelled, Snow Day)

October 2019 Meeting Minutes

October 2019 Treasurers Report

October 2019 Meeting Agenda

September 2019 PTO Meeting Minutes

September 2019 Meeting Agenda



PTO is always looking for volunteers to help with a variety of different things! We encourage parents, caregivers, grandparents and families to sign up as volunteers.  You can specify if you are available to help during the school day, after school hours, at events, for event planning, or if you are just interested in hearing when volunteer opportunities are available.  Don't be hesitant to send your name along, there is no pressure to help- we'll just send out emails when volunteers are needed and if you're able to help you let us know!

We also encourage everyone to either attend or tune in to our PTO meetings on the second Tuesday of each month, at 6:30 PM.  

Reach out to to connect with us and we would love to find a way to get you involved!

Jennifer Comstock - President    

Kim Carey - Vice President

Lydia Potthoff - Treasurer

Kelly Bulloch - Secretary 

Also reach us at