Teacher Certification Information

Certification Renewal Requirements

Teachers are responsible for obtaining their certificates and keeping them up to date. All Michigan certificates expire on June 30 of a given year. The Michigan Department of Education does not notify teachers regarding expiring certificates. Teachers must know the validity period of their certificates and meet the necessary renewal requirements before the expiration date. Teachers may lose their positions or tenure if a teaching certificate expires.

For more information regarding teacher certification, visit External LinkMichigan Department of Education or call the Office of Professional Preparation Services and Teacher Certification at (517) 373-3310.

Professional Learning

1 college credit = 25 clock hours

1 SCECH = 1 clock hour

1 DPPD = 1 clock hour

Educators must earn any combination of 150 clock hours to renew a certificate.

State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECH)

Formerly State Board – Continuing Education Units (SB-CEUs)

New administrative rule changes have eliminated the term “State Board-Continuing Education Units” (SB-CEUs). Educators will now earn “State Continuing Education Clock Hours,” also known as SCECHs, for certificate renewal credits. [PDF DocumentOverview of SCECH program]

The new SCECHs will still be awarded through the Secure Central Registry (SCR); the online evaluation is still required. Visit the Secure Central Registry (SCR) at www.getmipd.com.

SCECH data is now collected by the SCR and then imported into the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS). The SCR began collecting SCECH data on January 1, 2010. If you were awarded SCECHs prior to January 1, 2010, you must manually add the SCECHs into MOECS before they are available for viewing in MOECS.

Staff members are responsible for maintaining their personal information in the SCR which keeps the information regarding their completion of all SCECH/SB-CEU programs for which SCECH credit was awarded. The State of Michigan does not maintain a central registry of SB-CEU credit awarded prior to December 31, 2009.

After participation in a SCECH approved course, an online evaluation will be available on the MOECS for 30 days. Participants MUST complete this online survey and submit a small fee to the State of Michigan on the SCR website to obtain the SCECH credits. If the survey and payment are not made within this time frame, SCECH credit will be lost. Also, the email you provide on the SCECH request form at the event MUST MATCH the email linked to your MOECS account or you will not receive the online survey.

You can locate your PIC number on your MOECS account by clicking on Manage Demographics on the left navigation panel. The PIC number is required when submitting your SCECH verification form. If you are not seeing your SCECHs in the MOECS, please following the directions below to request your SCECHs be merged into the MOECS.

For more information on SCECHs and the Secure Central Registry (SCR), visit the External Linkteacher certification webpage or contact the SCECH Program Administrator at (517) 241-4928 or misbceu@michigan.gov.

District Provided Professional Development

District Provided Professional Development (DPPD) and State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs) are two different types of equivalent renewal credit. DPPD hours can only be used to renew or advance to the Professional Education Certificate and Occupational Education Certificate. [External LinkMichigan Department of Education memo regarding DPPD]

Be sure to retain a completed copy of a signed PDF DocumentDPPD Record for Certificate Renewal Form for your records. You should have one form per school year. The Office of Professional Preparation Services (OPPS) will request this documentation when you are advancing to the Professional Teaching Certificate. If you are using DPPD to RENEW your Professional Teaching Certificate, you must retain this form for your records to prepare for a potential audit. Please submit a copy of your DPPD Record for Certificate Renewal Form annually to TCAPS Human Resources Department to be placed in your personnel file. The screen shot of your DPPD hours listed in MOECS must be signed by the district to be valid for renewal.

All staff members must ensure they sign in at the beginning of an event and sign out at the end of the event to provide proper documentation of attendance. Staff members are responsible for keeping a personal record of their attendance in any events determined to be TCAPS DPPD opportunities. Staff members will be responsible for individually updating their MOECS account after participation in any DPPD event. [PDF DocumentInstructions on adding DPPD to your MOECS account]


To view your individual professional development plan, visit https://www.kalpapdms.com/V3/Home.aspx.

  • District ID: 28010
  • Login: your district login ID
  • Password: your district password
  • To access KALPA, please login to the External LinkTCAPS cloud, and click on the KALPA PDMS icon under the Applications menu. You will automatically be logged into your KALPA account from the TCAPS cloud.”

* If a staff member obtained SCECH credit for any of the events listed below, he or she may not also count the event towards their DPPD hours for the school year.

2015-2016 TCAPS DPPD Events


Professional Development Category

  Activity Title 


 Hours Engaged


Site Specified

 Half Day – Optional

 Location – individual buildings 

3 hours


Site Specified 

Full Day – Site-based 

Location – individual buildings

 6 hours


Site Specified

Full Day – Site-based 

 Location – individual buildings

 6 hours


District Specified 

Full Day – Optional 


6 hours

Varies per PLC – record individually 


 PLC meetings 

Six 90-minute meetings 

9 hours


Annual PD Documentation for All Educators

All staff members are required to keep a log of their professional development, despite whether or not they wish to use DPPD hours towards recertification.

Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS)

Before beginning the process of applying to advance or renew your certificate, you must ensure all Professional Learning is properly uploaded into your MOECS account. This can be verified on the “View/Update Professional Learning” tab on the left hand side of your MOECS account.