Academically Talented Program

East Middle School’s Academically Talented (AT) program has a rich history of offering students a rigorous, academic experience. In an effort to maintain the integrity of the program, students electing to enroll or continue in this accelerated learning environment should:

  • demonstrate a high level of personal responsibility
  • exhibit a high caliber of conduct and behavior, individually and collaboratively
  • welcome rigor and challenge in class activities and assignments
  • possess uncommon academic skills and abilities
  • exhibit initiative and desire to go beyond what is required
  • show interest in subjects beyond a superficial level
  • NWEA score 90th percentile and above

Due to the increased rigor of AT courses, students may earn a grade lower than they have previously achieved. Slowing the pace or altering the curriculum will not occur in order to maintain the standards and integrity of the AT program.  

There are Google Docadditional factors to consider when self-selecting in AT Mathematics. If your child is entering the AT mathematics program in middle school, he/she will be losing a year of mathematics instruction that will significantly impact his/her ability to be successful.

Because of the complexity of staffing and scheduling, EMS will only be able to accommodate a limited number of AT sections. Should numbers exceed available spaces, a wait list will be created. Also, exiting the program can negatively impact a student's choice of electives and change core teachers, so proper placement of your child is imperative.