Procedures & Expectations

Consistent daily attendance is one of most critical leading indicators to a student’s academic success in the classroom as well as successful completion of high school. Even excused absences take students away from valuable instructional time and can set them back. National research shows that freshmen who miss just five days of school per semester, have only a 63% chance of graduating high school in four years. 

The TCAPS Board of Education considers the following factors to be reasonable excuses for time missed at school:

  1. illness
  2. recovery from accident
  3. required court attendance
  4. professional appointments
  5. death in the immediate family
  6. observation or celebration of a bona fide religious holiday
  7. attending returning or farewell service for military parent,guardian, or sibling
  8. such other good cause as may be acceptable to the principal. 

The attendance line connects directly to voicemail and is to be used only for an all day absence. Please leave the name of your student, grade level, reason for the absence, your name and a phone number where you can be reached. The spelling of your last name is also helpful in some cases.

  • 231.9333.7752

Please do not email any student absences.

  • When checking students out, please call as early in the day as possible to enable us to have your student ready when you requested (last minute requests can not ever be filled). If you call ahead, you do not need to come into the building. Your student will be given a pass directing him/her to go to their neighborhood grade office to sign out and watch for you to arrive.
  • Please make every effort to have your child in school all day, every day, and schedule appointments outside of school hours whenever possible.
  • For students leaving for athletic events, music activities, or other school activities, attendance will be taken care of by the athletic department or music teacher, and there is no need to call to verify the absence.
  • PDF DocumentPrearranged absence forms: If you know in advance that your student will be gone from school for two or more days, please have them stop by their neighborhood office and pick up this form. The student will then take it to all of his teachers for their signature and to obtain any work they will miss. The form will then need to be signed by the parent and returned to their neighborhood office before the student leaves on their trip.
  • PowerSchool Parent Portal should be operational by the end of September.
  • Homework Requests: Please call your neighborhood office directly and as early as possible if requesting homework for your student. If you think they will only be out for one day, please do not request homework; students may see their teacher when they return the next day (or email your child’s teachers). The earlier in the day we receive your request, the better chance we have to supply the homework at the end of the day. Sometimes it might take 24 hours to obtain the work.