Drawing of proposed Willow Hill main entrance

Upcoming Willow Hill Bond Projects

TCAPS Capital Plan

As part of External LinkTCAPS' capital plan, there are several projects that will be taking place at Willow Hill Elementary School over the next few years. 

Willow Hill Projects

Below is a summary of Willow Hill projects. Renovations will take place in two phases, with the first to begin this spring/summer. The year notated indicates the year each project is anticipated to begin. Additional information will be provided as it becomes available.

Safety & Security


  • Main Office Upgrades (2019)
    The school's front entrance and main office will be expanded on the front side of the building. This will include added windows, raised ceilings, dedicated administration spaces, and an expanded vestibule that will require all visitors to enter the building through the office. (See drawing at the top of the page.)



  • Boiler Replacement (2019)
  • Interior Upgrades (Phase I - 2019) - Interior upgrades will include part of the cafeteria and lower elementary hall by the office (bathrooms, walls, ceilings, lockers, doors, and part of Ms. Peck's room). A new learning space is proposed where the current Door B exit is located.
  • Interior Upgrades (Phase II - 2020) - Interior upgrades will include the upper elementary hall starting at the staff lounge (bathrooms, walls, ceilings, lockers, doors, and flooring).

Given the constraints of completing construction projects in short time frames during the summer months, we anticipate the initial work will begin at the end of April so the work can be completed by the start of next school year.

We are anticipating some inconveniences relative to pick-up and drop-off as well as the operations within the main office during this time. Plans are in development regarding shifts we will need to make as the work begins, and we will be sharing that information with you in a timely manner. Our focus is on the safety of our students, so we appreciate all your support and understanding as we work through this plan. The district will provide safety oversight to ensure there is proper separation of construction and school activities.

This is an exciting time for Willow Hill students, parents, and staff, and we are looking forward to these building improvements!

For additional information, please contact Willow Hill Principal Angela Sides-McKay at 231.933.8542 or Associate Superintendent of Finance and Operations Christine Thomas-Hill at 231.933.1730.