Bond Projects

August 23, 2019 Update

As we prepare for the start of the 2019/2020 school year, here is an update about recent construction projects at our school. 

Over the summer months, we began a couple of major projects to upgrade the school. The first project was the construction of a dedicated bus ramp, which has been completed and will be in use for the start of the year. The new bus ramp will keep buses separate from the car line during arrival and dismissal, which is expected to improve student/parent safety and traffic flow at our school. More information about how the bus loop will work is below.

In addition, our school’s main entrance/office area is currently undergoing reconstruction in order to improve line of sight and to ensure that visitors to the building must pass through the main office before entering the school. The upgrades represent best practices in school building construction and we are pleased to see these bond-funded projects move forward at Silver Lake.

As was shared at the end of last school year, due to the short construction window available during the summer months, the main entrance project will not be completed prior to the start of the new school year. Therefore, the following is important information for families about how our building’s drop-off and pick-up will operate at the start of the year.

Silver Lake Traffic Flow Map
PDF DocumentClick for larger view of map

Important Pick-up, Drop-off, and Bus Information 

  • If your student walks to school, or if you are dropping off in car line, your child will enter through our “Temporary Main Door”,  marked “M”, which is located on the west side of the building by the playground.
  • If you use the car line for drop-off and pick-up, you will drive in the car line as normal, by you will be pulling up a lot further, closer to the door “M”, the temporary Main Door.  
  • Students that ride the bus will load and unload in the designated zone in the bus loop and will enter and exit the building through the door marked “B”, which is the side door of our gym.

We will have a lot of signage and plenty of adults to help the first few weeks of school to alleviate confusion and ensure it is a smooth start.

Main Office Relocation 

During construction, the school’s temporary Main Office will be relocated to room 218, which is located in the lower elementary hallway. The office will be accessible through the door marked “M”. 

Furthermore, during construction, the Principal’s Office will be relocated to room 210, which is also located in the lower elementary hallway and centrally located within the building.  

As always, when visiting the building, please check into the Main Office.

Construction Area

The area on the drawing in red is the construction area. It will continue to be segregated from the rest of the building. The construction zone is fenced off and the area is off limits to anyone who is not a contractor at the site. Contractors are required to be background checked prior to being allowed to work at district buildings.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as the work to complete upgrades to our school is done as quickly as possible, while ensuring student, parent and staff member safety!

Updated 8-26-19