Bond Projects

December 3, 2019, Update

Beginning tomorrow, December 4th, you may begin using the front entrance for all access to the school.  We will immediately discontinue use of the north gym door and the back door as entrances.  Thank you for your patience this fall, and please continue to bear with us as we work out any bugs related to our new security and locking systems.  We still have some unpacking and organizing to do, so please forgive the mess!    

Please note that students will continue to head to the playground in the morning before the bells.  Only students coming to eat breakfast will come through the front doors at that time.  

August 23, 2019 Update

August 23, 2019 Update

As we prepare for the start of the 2019/2020 school year, here is an update about the construction project currently underway at the school. 

Over the summer, we began a project to complete upgrades to the school’s safety and security. This work includes the reconstruction of the school’s main entrance/office area to improve line of sight and to ensure that visitors to the building must pass through the main office before entering the school. The upgrades represent best practices in school building construction and we are pleased to see these bond-funded projects move forward at Courtade.

The short construction window in the summer months would not allow the project to be completed prior to the start of the new school year. Therefore, the following is important information for families about how our building’s drop-off and pick-up will operate at the start of the year.

Important Pick-up, Drop-off, and Bus Information 

  • Due to the narrow drive to the back door, parent parking will not be permitted in that area from 8:30 AM - 8:50 AM and from 3:30 PM - 3:50 PM (please see the orange triangle in the image above).
  • Students arriving by bus will continue to follow our previous procedure of walking around the south side (see yellow arrows) of the school to the playground.  
  • Students arriving by car:
    • Between 8:35 AM - 8:40 AM - Students walk around the south side (see yellow arrows) of the school to the playground with the bus arrivals to wait for the 8:40 AM bell. Students may not walk around the north side to the playground for safety reasons.
    • Between 8:40 AM - 8:50 AM - Students enter the school directly through door B.
    • After 8:50 AM - Students enter with a parent/guardian through door A and go into the temporary office to get signed in and receive a tardy pass.  
  • Students eating breakfast (8:35 AM - 8:50 AM) will come straight in through door B and head to the cafeteria. 
  • Staff will be on duty beginning at 8:35 AM to supervise students on the playground and facilitate their line-up at 8:40 AM.   
  • In inclement weather, all students will enter directly through door B to wait in the gym for the 8:40 AM bell. 
  • Students dismissing by bus will continue to be delivered to the buses by their teachers.
  • Students dismissing by car will continue to be delivered to the sidewalk by the pick-up line. They will stand by the cones that designate this area. In inclement weather, the designated area for students to stand will be in the gym at door B.  
  • Students attending extended day (morning and afternoon), will continue to be housed in the cafeteria. Families may enter/exit through door A.  
  • GSRP and preschool students sign in and out inside the gym through door B.  

Main Office Relocation 

During construction, the school’s main office will be relocated to room 301, which is in the back hallway near the cafeteria. The office will be accessible through the door marked “A.” 

Construction Area

The area on the drawing in red is the construction area. It will be segregated from the rest of the building. The construction zone is fenced off and the area is off limits to anyone who is not a contractor at the site. Contractors are required to be background checked prior to being allowed to work at district buildings.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as the work to complete upgrades to our school is done as quickly as possible, while ensuring student, parent and staff member safety!

Updated 8-23-19