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Traverse City Area Public Schools supports online learning and is committed to advancing any time, any place and any way teaching and learning. TCAPS has a long history of providing our students with an exceptional education and one in which students graduate prepared for college, career and life. We pride ourselves on adapting our educational strategies to meet the needs of our students and we embrace technology, which aids us in teaching our students and supporting their learning.

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State School Aid Act- Section 21f Expanded Online Learning Opportunities

The State of Michigan under Section 21f of the State School Aid Act has expanded educational options for students so that parents can request to have their student(s), in grades 5-12, be enrolled in no more than two (2) online courses in place of a traditional course.

It is imperative that parents assess whether or not an online course is ideal for their child given the non-traditional setting and lack of face-to-face classroom instruction and support. In exploring the research and looking at experiences of other online learners, it should be pointed out that not all students are well-suited for this style of learning. Parents should carefully consider the unique qualities of their child when considering if an online class is right for them. These factors include:

  1. Can your student create and maintain a study schedule without face-to-face interaction of a teacher?
  2. Can your student self-advocate in order to seek help within a virtual setting?
  3. Does your student possess the independent study habits needed to complete an entire course online without direct supervision?
  4. Does your student have the reading, writing, math, and computer literacy skills to succeed in a class that is completely online?
  5. Additional information is contained with the parent Guide to Online Learning at:External Link

It is important to note that this option is limited to those courses made available within the state online course catalog at External Link While all of these classes have been reviewed by the state, not all of them contain the rigor of the curriculum at Traverse City Area Public Schools. As such, all courses are subject to administrative approval and note that courses have limited class sizes, so students are not guaranteed enrollment in an online class.

Should you choose to enroll your child in online courses, please be advised of the conditions listed below:

The highly qualified teacher providing the content for the course will only be available remotely via email or possibly phone and will not be a TCAPS employee.

  1. The student will be required to work independently outside of the traditional classroom setting.
  2. District personnel will not be providing instructional support for the online class.
  3. The student will be required to check in regularly with their school assigned mentor.
  4. Once enrolled in an online class, students may not withdraw from the online course to enroll in a different online class or a course in their home school.
  5. The student must complete the online course on or before the last day of the semester in which they are enrolled.

Please contact your student’s principal or guidance counselor if you have any questions.

Online Course Offerings

TCAPS students can take up to two online courses.

PDF DocumentTCAPS Online GradPoint Course OfferingsPDF DocumentGradPoint Course Guide |External LinkMI Virtual Course Guide

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