LEAP Super Structures

LEAP Super Structures

Grades 3-5

About the Program

LEAP is excited to offer Super Structures! Whether your son or daughter has a great imagination, likes to figure out how things work, or simply loves to build, you’ll love seeing your child learn engineering skills in a fun and easy way in this six-week course. This class is open to all TCAPS students in grades 3-5.

In our new Super Structures course, your future engineer will:

  • Learn about various types of bridges and how their design makes them suitable for different kinds of loads & stresses using K’NEX.
  • Test the strength of their bridge by adding weight.
  • Be able to design their own bridge based on what they learned during the class.
  • Build skills in problem solving, logic and physics through hands-on creation.
  • Collaborate in teams to develop communication skills and make new friends.

Program Location

  • TBD


  • Classes will be held once a week immediately after school for 1 ½ hours.
  • Schedule: TBD

Class Size

  • Must have a minimum of six students to hold the class and a maximum of twelve.

Registration Close

  • Registration Deadline: TBD

Participation Fee

  • $150 for the six-week session
  • Reduced rates are not available for this program.

Registration Currently Closed