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J-1 Experiential Student Visa Program

Experience American High School at TCAPS

Traverse City Area Public Schools (TCAPS) is an approved F-1 school district. We accept students from around the world to study and share life with us in our beautiful community. Having international students as part of our community enriches the experiences at our school and the lives of all of our students.

All new international students who would like to attend TCAPS on a J-1 experiential visa, need to apply through Foreign Links Around the Globe (FLAG). FLAG works with international students from countries around the world to find high schools in the USA, complete applications, obtain visas, test English language skills, find host families, and obtain insurance. International students are accepted into grades 11 and 12 and may attend one school year or multiple school years. A student may continue enrollment in our program contingent upon meeting all academic requirements.

About FLAG

Bridge Program: Extending Beyond a Traditional J-1 Experience

FLAG's Bridge Program was inspired by and designed for students who wish to extend their exchange program beyond a traditional J-1 experience. It allows diploma-seeking, academically driven students to be invested in a school for two years. This two-year commitment allows students to become fully immersed in American culture and education by becoming involved in clubs, athletics, arts, and more. Students who participate in the Bridge Program discover themselves, become fluent in English, and promote global diplomacy. By partnering with progressive schools, FLAG's Bridge Program prepares students to be tomorrow's global leaders. 

How It Works

Year 1: A student completes their first year in 11th grade on a J-1 Visa. They receive the same state funding as other students.

Year 2: The student returns to the same school on an F-1 Visa and continues their studies. They pay tuition that is set by the school, in addition to a host family allowance.

If the student should require U.S. education beyond year 2, they will transfer to a private school to finish their education. 

For More Information

Please contact FLAG if you are an international student interested in attending TCAPS on a J-1 Visa: