TCAPS Safe Start Plan

COVID-19 Procedures & Information 

Procedures for COVID-19 Positive Cases 

Please report your positive test result to your school attendance line or main office. Students and staff members who have tested positive for COVID-19 are to isolate for five days. Isolation may end after five days if the individual has been fever free for 24 hours and symptoms are improving. 

Secondly, you can also report your positive case to the Grand Traverse County Health Department. This link also provides free testing locations. TCAPS also has home tests available for free at every building. To receive an at-home test, please contact your school front office. 

For full information about isolation, precautions to follow when positive, and a calculator to better understand your isolation dates, see the CDC website

Student/Staff Member Privacy and Confidentiality

Please remember that there are many reasons that students or staff members may not be at school or may return to school after being out. We must all do our part to avoid gossip and speculation to ensure that all students and staff members feel welcomed and supported, especially those who may be absent or who are returning to school after an absence. 

Reminder About COVID-19 in the Community

Additionally, parents are asked to continue to reinforce with students the importance of the additional cleaning and safety procedures TCAPS has implemented this school year, including mask wearing and frequent hand washing/sanitizing, as each adds an additional layer of protection against the virus. Because there continues to be COVID-19 present in the community, parents should assume that at any time there could be a student or staff member in their school community who may be quarantining or self-isolating. Families should take all precautions deemed necessary on a daily basis. 

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