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How to Submit an Education in Action Story

To submit stories to the Education in Action blog:

  1. Email your story to:
  2. Your post should be 200-400 words long.
  3. It should be conversational and written in your own voice.
  4. We encourage you to submit photos or short videos with your stories. Please remember that if you include students in your submission, parental permission is required.
  5. Please also include a short biography: About the author(s): include professional experience, education and current position/title.

Things to remember:

  • Do not submit copyrighted or other proprietary material in any form unless you clearly indicate that you have permission to do so. By submitting your story or other work, you grant TCAPS and anyone viewing the TCAPS website irrevocable permission to copy, distribute, make derivatives, display or perform the commenter’s work publicly and free-of-charge.
  • TCAPS reserves the right to edit posts, with the final permission of the author.
  • TCAPS reserves the right not to publish any submissions, at any time, for any reason.



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