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Abigail Jordan, Coordinator
3962 Three Mile Road, North
Traverse City, MI 49686
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231.933.8975 (fax) 

 Traverse City Area
Public Schools
412 Webster Street
Traverse City, MI 49686

Students in Transition Empowerment Program (STEP)

“STEP is always there when the world feels like it is collapsing on my shoulders. I was ready to give up on high school…it was just too much to be an adult and a child while maintaining a social life. Then STEP came and now school is a breeze.”
                                           --Student Testimonial
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Community STEPs Up For STEP - Up North Live Story, 4/22/14

Contact Us:

  • STEP Office
    3962 Three Mile Road
    Traverse City, MI 49686
    (231) 933-8976

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