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LEAP Director
Janna Deering

LEAP Assistant
Julie Gorter

Elementary LEAP Liaison
Cindy Elliott


Located at Central Grade School
301 W. Seventh Street
Traverse City, MI 49684

(f) 231.933.8665


Learning, Enrichment, Athletic Program

2014-2015 Online Registration Now Open 


Additional offerings may become available throughout the school year.

Grade  Offering REGISTRATION DEADLINE Practice Starts Contests Begin Season Ends
PreK-5 Blackbird Arts varies by school      
1st-5th Drama Kids varies by school      
K-5th Martial Arts varies by session      
2nd-12th Pitching Clinics runs Nov-March      
2nd-3rd Girls' Basketball 9/5/14 9/22/14 10/6/14 10/29/14
2nd-3rd Boys' Basketball 1/30/15 2/16/15 3/2/15 3/25/15
2nd-3rd Rallyball 5/1/15 5/8/15 NA 5/29/15
2nd-5th Flag Football 9/2/14 9/13/14 9/24/14 10/18/14
3rd-5th Cross-Country Running 9/5/14 9/15/14 9/23/14 10/23/14
4th-5th Girls' Basketball 10/17/14 11/1/14 11/18/14 12/18/14
4th-5th Boys' Basketball 12/5/14 1/5/15 1/20/15 2/12/15
4th-5th Volleyball 1/30/15 2/14/15 3/3/15 3/25/15
4th-5th Track & Field 3/20/15 4/7/15 4/21/15 5/19/15
4th-5th Tennis 4/17/15 5/6/15 5/15/15 5/29/15
6th-8th Acting Academy        
6th-8th Cross-Country Running 8/22/14 8/25/14 9/9/14 10/23/14
6th-8th Sideline Cheer at WMS 8/22/14 8/26/14 9/17/14 10/22/14
6th-8th Volleyball 8/22/14 8/25/14 9/23/14 10/18/14
6th-8th Boys' Basketball 10/17/14 10/27/14 11/24/14 12/18/14
6th-8th Dance 10/17/14 10/27/14 11/24/14 12/13/14
6th-8th Girls' Basketball 12/19/14 1/5/15 2/3/15 2/28/15
6th-8th Wrestling 1/9/15 1/20/15 TBD 3/20/15
6th-8th Track & Field 3/20/15 4/7/15 TBD 5/29/15
6th-8th IM Soccer 4/3/15 4/13/15 TBD 5/14/15
6th-8th Softball 4/3/15 4/13/15 TBD 5/16/15
6th-8th Team Tennis 4/3/15 4/13/15 5/1/15 5/22/15
7th-8th Football 8/22/14 8/25/14 9/17/14 10/22/14

*Registration deadlines are final. Late registrations may not be accepted after the posted registration close date. Reduced rates are available to those who qualify for the free/reduced meal program for select offerings. Please call 933-1758 to inquire.

You may also register in person at the TCAPS LEAP Office located at Central Grade School, 301 W. 7th St.  (Enter from Pine Street. Office is located across from Lars Hockstad Auditorium)

What is LEAP?

Learning, Enrichment, and Athletic Program  

Vision Statement: In partnership with a caring community, the Learning Enrichment and Athletic Program will provide students with increased opportunities for engagement beyond the school day through educational and recreational activities to improve learning, health, and wellness .

Mission Statement: The mission of the Learning Enrichment and Athletic Program is to support successful academic achievement for all students .

Program Goals: Each student committing to participate in athletic and/or recreational activities offered through LEAP will be ensured access to available programming . Participants, coaches, parents, and spectators will demonstrate the highest degree of sportsmanship at all times .

Expectation of LEAP Participants:

1 . Attend all scheduled practices and competitions
2 . Give best effort at all times
3 . Conduct self in sportsmanlike fashion at all times
4 . Treat teammates with respect
5 . Have fun

*Any behavior which is contrary to LEAP Vision, Mission, and/or Program Goals could result in an individual (student, parent, and/or coach) or team being denied further access to program offerings. 

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