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School InformationTalented & Gifted Program    

Talented and Gifted Programs

About the Program

TCAPS’ Talented and Gifted Program (TAG), provides a learning community where each student is surrounded by a peer group of academically gifted learners throughout the day. This unique environment is one of the key elements identified as being essential to a successful gifted education program. TCAPS’ TAG program provides essential peer stimuli allowing the children to learn and share their ideas as well as enhances their emotional growth.

Special programs for identified talented and gifted students are available for students in grades 4 through 12. "Gifted students" programs are enriched and accelerated academically. TCAPS' programs recognize that gifted students often need help in areas of self-esteem, working cooperatively, and learning to challenge themselves and each other, all in an environment which will help them grow and reach their full potential.

In grades 4 & 5 students identified as talented and gifted are offered the opportunity to attend a magnet school located at Central Grade School. At the middle school level, Academically Talented (AT) classes are offered in the four core academic areas: math, science, social studies and language arts. Each middle school offers one class in each subject at each grade level for students in the Talented and Gifted Program. At the high school level, Honors  and Advanced Placement (AP) classes are offered in almost all curricular areas, and many students may pursue honors level courses, at Northwestern Michigan College.

Screening Process

Students are screened for the Talented & Gifted program in the spring of their third grade year*. Recommendations for admission to the program are based on multiple measures such as pertinent testing scores and teacher input that are then put through a matrix process to determine eligibility.

Parents whose child did not receive a recommendation may request the district to reconsider their child’s eligibility for the program if they feel the district may not have had knowledge of additional information that may impact eligibility, such as outside testing, participation in a gifted program outside of the state or district, or attendance at an academic camp where an application process was required. There are two windows of opportunity for an appeal - please check the dates on the appeal form. To request an appeal, please complete an appeal form (click here to download the appeal form) or contact Beth Still at or 231.933.1761.

*See schedule of testing dates below.

Test Dates

Click here for a schedule of the 2014 test dates.


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