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Traverse City Central High School
Rick Vandermolen, Principal

1150 Milliken Drive
Traverse City, Michigan 49686
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School Hours:
8:05 AM - 3:02 PM
Half Day Dismissal: 11:26 AM

Phone: 231-933-3500

School Code: 233-585




Late arrival and early release of students
To arrange for homework for extended absences
To speak with a secretary or principal about attendance issues

Understanding the Ins and Outs - Attendance Procedures
Welcome to the Ins and Outs of Attendance Procedures. We’re hoping the following scenarios help you in choosing the most expeditious path to communicate your child’s absence or lateness. Please be sure to use the following information when communicating with the grade office(s):
  • Student’s full name (with spelling) and grade
  • Applicable date and time
  • Your name and your relationship to the student
  • Reason for the student’s absence
          If ill: Report their symptoms and diagnosis by doctor if applicable
  • Length of time you expect the student to be absent or tardy
  • Number where you can be reached
“How do I report an all-day absence or a past absence?”
Call the attendance line (933-3519) and follow prompts. Be sure to include the details listed above in your message.
“What if my student will be arriving late?”
If possible, send a note with your student (be sure to include the items listed above). If you are unable to send a note, please call the attendance line 933-3519.  Always date and sign all notes.
“What if my student will be absent only part of a day?”
Speak with the attendance office directly or send a note with your student the morning of the planned absence. The note should include your signature and the date you sign it, and all the items listed above. The student turns the note in to his/her grade office upon arrival and will be given a pass to leave at the designated time. The student should meet you at the student pick-up area (Corner parking lot on the corner at Eastern Ave. and Milliken Dr.). Whenever a student leaves or returns to school during the day, they must sign in/out through their grade office.
“What if I forget to send the note, or an appointment is made/changed after the student has left for school?”
Call the attendance line - 933-3519 - to connect with your student's grade office (or if unavailable, leave a message on her voicemail).  The message will be given to your student as soon as possible.  Please allow as much time as possible to enable staff to relay your message.
“Do I need to come into the building to sign my student out?”
If you have followed the procedures for prior notification of your student’s departure, your student will be able to sign out in their attendance office and then meet you at the student pick-up area (Parking lot on the corner of Eastern Ave and Milliken Dr.).
“If I’m unable to make a phone call and need to pick up my student before the end of the day, what do I do?”
Check in at the Main Office and they will be happy to assist you.
“What if my student calls me to pick him/her up during the school day?”
Students needing to leave due to illness or non-medical reasons should go to their grade office.  Necessary calls to the parent/guardian will be made through that office.  Students must sign out from their grade office if they are leaving during the school day.  Students should be instructed to follow the above procedures to ensure safety and the knowledge of their whereabouts.
“What do I do when I know my child will be missing a school day(s) in the future?”
Prearranged Absence forms are available in the grade offices and here on the CHS website.  Please have your student return the completed form to their grade office.  Getting approval in advance ensures the absence is recorded and, if approved, will allow the student to obtain any available homework in advance.  No call is required following the notice of absence; your signature on the form is all that is needed.

 “What if the absence is extended?”
Call the attendance line (933-3519) and follow the prompts. Request homework for your student and leave a contact number where you can be reached when the assignments are ready to be picked up. Please allow 24 hours for staff to contact all teachers and collect the requested assignments.  Students and parent(s)/guardian(s) are encouraged to consider the school calendar when scheduling appointments, trips or vacation time.
Regular school attendance is important and a major factor in the academic success of each student.  Active participation and interaction by students in the classroom is an essential part of the instructional process and is only experienced through regular attendance.  The primary responsibility for ensuring regular school attendance rests with the parent(s)/guardian(s) and the student.  Through the cooperative efforts of parent(s)/guardian(s), it is hoped each student will develop attendance habits and attitudes which will be helpful to his/her present and future endeavors.

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